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Roman Catholic Priest

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Roman Catholic Priest

Detalles de la oferta

1. The priest candidate for this position will receive as-needed administrative support from MMI and be responsible for the following:


2.1. The priest shall provide religious and spiritual leadership to meet the needs of Catholic military personnel, their family members and other authorized personnel assigned to FT. BUCHANAN, will support individual rights under the First Amendment to the US Constitution and provide an opportunity for the free exercise of their religious beliefs.

2.2. The priest shall provide the religious support services within the FT. BUCHANAN area of responsibility solely for active duty service members, their family members and other authorized personnel of the Catholic faith. The priest will provide necessary services outlined in this performance work statement (PWS). A monthly schedule shall be provided to the priest by the contracting officer’s representative (COR) on a quarterly basis.


3.1. The priest shall provide services for the FT. BUCHANAN Installation Ministries Roman Catholic support requirements. The priest shall coordinate efforts with Chaplain

Corps personnel and work in a multi-denominational and pluralistic religious environment to include, but not limited to, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Orthodox, and Islamic faiths. The priest shall provide all services in accordance with (IAW) the Roman Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services (AMS) faith requirements. The initial period of performance for this task will be a 12 month base year that follows contract award. After the base year, there will be four(4) option years.

3.1.1. Dress and appearance standards are business casual or appropriate religious garments, anything outside of that shall be approved by the Contract Office Representative (COR).

3.2. DAILY SCHEDULE. The normal hours of operation for the chapel are 0730 to 1630, Monday through Friday, except for when the priest is required to provide religious services that fall outside of the normal duty day or week. The contract is for a 40-hour work week. The Priest may be required to work after normal duty hours, weekends, or holidays to complete all religious support services for FT. BUCHANAN. The priest shall notify the COR of any work performed after duty hours, on weekends or holidays.

3.2.1. Priest shall submit clear and legible after action reports for emergency ministry requirements within 72 hours.

3.3. MONTHLY SCHEDULE. The COR shall provide the priest a monthly written schedule that shows the areas being serviced for that month. This schedule shall be given to the priest at least fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the month the schedule is to begin. When an unforeseen facility closure, inclement weather, or other event is found to be an acceptable delay by the COR, which precludes completion of services on a regularly scheduled work day, the priest shall reschedule the work (if required) to be performed and notify the COR of the new time.

3.4. PERIODIC PROGRESS MEETINGS. Quarterly meetings shall be established after contract award. The COR and the priest shall periodically meet to discuss the priest’s performance. At a minimum, the following issues shall be discussed: opportunities to improve the contract deliverables; any modifications required to the contract; unsatisfactory inspections and trends regarding each performance objective observed; positive performance and steps taken by the priest to prevent unsatisfactory occurrences in the future. The COR shall provide a summation of unsatisfactory inspections and customer complaints and provide insight into any identified trends. The minutes of these meetings will be recorded in writing, signed by the contracting officer (CO) and any others as deemed appropriate, and distributed to the COR, other applicable Government personnel and the priest. Should the priest not concur with the minutes, the priest shall provide a written notification to the CO identifying areas of non-concurrence for resolution within five business days.



4.1.1. PRIEST’S QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS Priest shall provide a Roman Catholic Priest in good standing with his home diocese and the Archdiocese for the Military Services (AMS) and a completed DD Form 2088 with faculties for each Catholic Priest performing services. Faculties must be provided for subcontracted clergy. Roman Catholic clergy who are priests are not chaplains and will not use the duty title of “chaplain.” The priest shall not use the duty title of chaplain while performing services, to include but not limited to printed documents and electronic communications. The priest must meet the educational requirements to include a Master’s in Divinity

and include a resume which lists the priest’s professional experience (including a minimum of three years of pastoral experience after ordination) and the priest’s major accomplishments. Ability to administer both the documentation of services performed and the timely rendering of payment for services (if used) is required. English is the operational language of the US Military. The priest shall be able to read, write, speak and understand English fluently. English shall be the only language used with regard to this contract for written correspondence, discussions and other business transactions. Other languages may be used for pastoral support when most relevant to parishioners receiving individual pastoral care. Use of other languages shall not be to the disadvantage of the English speaking community. Each individual working with children under the age of 18 in conjunction with this contract shall successfully complete a federally mandated criminal history background check (conducted by the Base Chapel) which shall include a National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI) and if the individual has a prior DoD affiliation within the last two years an Installation Records Check (IRC). The IRC includes a law enforcement check, drug and alcohol record check, and a check of the family advocacy program (FAP) for a minimum of 2 years before the date of application. The results of an FBI advanced fingerprint check must be obtained prior to a person’s employment under Line of Site Supervision (LOSS).

4.2 The following are two requirements that may be part of the solicitation documentation submission in addition to other.

1. A certification/permit demonstrating that Priest is an ordained Roman Catholic Priest, who is in good standing with the Archdiocese Military Services (AMS) as well as with the Bishop of his own diocese or the superior of his religious community.

2. A letter from his Bishop or Religious Superior, stating that he is a priest in good standing and that he has the permission of the Bishop or Religious Superior to accept the contract.


4.3.1. Priest will maintain dialogue with his Ordinary or Religious Superior and provide copies of his quarterly reports to AMS.

4.3.2. Annual training shall be completed by the priest every 12 months, training shall be provided by the chapel staff and shall cover, but is not limited to:

a. Privileged communication

b. Child care criminal history background checks

c. Family advocacy program

d. Sexual assault prevention and response policy

e. Information assurance training

4.3.3. Annual convocation required by AMS. Travel to convocation will be reimbursed on a cost basis not to exceed customary reimbursement rates.

Only qualified Roman Catholic priests with faculties and good standing with the Roman Catholic Church are requested to forward their resume information and letter of interest. Qualified Priests will also complete a military ecclesiastical endorsement document. Additional information for completing this application will be shared during mutually scheduled telephonic meetings.

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